Features & Functions of the Firefox Add-On Backlink Explorer

Main features

  • 1One Click Instant Backlink Check for professional SEO!
  • 2Free and with more details than Yahoo! SiteExplorer!
  • 3Domain-Pop, Class-C, Anchor Texts, filters, CSV-Export for Excel
  • 4Data basis with 3,5 BILLION Backlinks since 2006!

This is what it does:

Backlink Explorer is a handy Firefox Add-On for SEOs. Its usage is easy as pie. You can check backlinks of any web ressource (such es websites, linked PDFs, images) within only 2 clicks. And it's 100% free!

How to configurate and use the Plugin:

Backlink Explorer is set up easily by chosing the prefered services for the fast and/or detailed analysis of inbound links. After the first installation the options menueis pre selected with the most common SEO tools on the international market.

In this example I checked the boxes for an english language search market oriented setup.
the options menue with all choices

You can chose and display all at once, if you like to. There is no limit. Currently I've added 12 different SEO tools with 20 services or country selections, such as BING Link-Explorer, BLEKKO, OpenSiteExplorer (by SEOmoz), Sistrix and MajesticSEO.

Once Backlink Explorer is configurated as you wish, there is no such thing as long waiting time or restart necessary. Surf to any website you want to analyse and click on the neat Backlink Explorer icon in your browser's status bar (bottom bar). You will see a list of possible back link checkers. Click on one of them and the Plugin starts with it magic.

the add-on in the browser status bar

The service you chosed for the upcoming analysis will open in a new browser tab already filled with the URL to check. Some tools provide deep link analysis (for example SEOlytics, MajesticSEO, SEO Diver) and some may not. Some tools will ask you to login, even if they work with a free prescription plan.

To read more about the supported tools please click here or just
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BacklinkExplorer Installation File
Version History

Current: v2.2
Available: v2.3 (beta)
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