Free Firefox Addon for on the fly Backlink Check: Made for SEO Professionals

The 1-click Yahoo! SiteExplorer Alternative:
Backlink Explorer let you view all backlinks of a website immediately. No matter if it's a domain with 25 million inbould links or a small subpage. Download details like anchor texts, IP- and Class-C Popularity or share of nofollow/dofollow, image or deleted links, redirects or all at once as csv or pdf.

Main features
  • 1One Click Instant Backlink Check for professional SEO!
  • 2Free and with more details than Yahoo! SiteExplorer!
  • 3Domain-Pop, Class-C, Anchor Texts, filters, CSV-Export for Excel
  • 4Data basis with 3,5 BILLION Backlinks since 2006!
About the Add-On

Backlink Explorer is a few KB sized Firefox Addon for SEOs, which replaces the in the middle of November 2011 closed Yahoo! SiteExplorer. Search Engine Optimizer from all around the world used the Yahoo! SiteExplorer for a quick back link check, to know the amount of backlinks and their source.

Suddenly everyone screamed for an alternative. And ther it is!

Backlink Explorer shows within 2 clicks only many details of backlinks of any ressource in the WWW. This could be a domain or a sub directory (URL / path). The kind of details depend on the used SEO Service for your analysis, which you can simply chose over the integrated menue interface. You will not need an paid account but if you have one, you will be able to go much deeper into the detail analysises of the different tool boxes like MajesticSEO, SEOmoz, linkvendor/searchmetrics and so on.

Plugin Installation File
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"Perfect Add-On for quick back link checks on the fly! Tip: Sign up for free with majesticSEO and see even more data!"
Michael Goepfert, SEO